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Fabric Materials - Basic Parameters


Fabric materials and accessories

The competition is tough when it comes to fabric building construction. What makes you choose us at CND Engineering, one of the leading fabric structure manufacturers in Kolkata,  for top-notch services? Well, we follow the basic parameters of tensile fabric, which ensures that the final product remains top-notch in nature. 

We mostly use the fabric from the most renowned manufacturer of Europe like Ferrari, Mehler, Sioen etc according the budget and usage of our clients. The best part about CND Engineering is that we work on every project individually and give our full attention till the final completion. Even after completion, you can get the best after-sales support from our side.

The basic parameters to follow:

Understanding more about the Basic parameters of tensile fabric is important and that’s when our team from CND Engineering comes to the rescue. We will provide you with transparent information so that you are not in the dark while procuring services from our side.

  • Weight:

Even though tough and rough, our tensile fabric is light in weight. That makes it easier to carry around and use in the set foundation. We use our tensile fabric in the prefab building section. So, that’s why we ensure to maintain the lightness of the fabric big time.

Weight of the fabric varies from 490 gsm to 1100 gsm. Mostly for tensile fabric structure 590 gsm, 620 gsm, 650 gsm, 750 gsm and 950 gsm fabrics are widely used. The selection of weight depends on the span of the structure.

 If the span of the structure is restricted within 200 square meter 650 gsm fabric can be used. If the span is within 500 square meter, then 750 gsm fabric should be used. If the area is more than 500 square meter, then 900 gsm fabric is ideal for usage.

  • Tensile strength:

Tensile strength is one of the most important parameter to measure the stability of the fabric. This parameter determines the strength and elasticity of the fabric materials. We follow strict guidance and testing parameters to ensure the top-notch quality of the fabric before using it for our client’s project.

            Tensile strength depends on fabric category:

                          590 gsm  - 280/280 daN/5cm

                          650 gsm – 250/250 daN/5cm

                          750 gsm – 280/280 daN/5cm

                          950 gsm – 420/400daN/5cm

  • Tear strength:

Once the fabric is up and structured, it will stay like that for a longer span of time because of the higher tear-resistant features. No matter how harsh the weather condition seems, our fabric will remain strong and can withstand daily pressure in no time.

                        590 gsm – 28/28 daN

                        650 gsm – 25/25 daN

                        750 gsm – 30/28 daN

                        950 gsm – 55/50 daN


  • Finish:

The fine finish of our fabric material is to watch out for. It forms a crucial part while dealing with the basic parameters of tensile fabric for the first time. The finish is smooth and seamless. No one will get the chance to pinpoint a flaw in our fabric materials used for construction. 

                    590  gsm –  Formula S2 fluorinated varnish weldable

                    650 gsm -   Varnish both sides

                    750 gsm -   Formula S2 fluorinated varnish weldable

                    950 gsm -   Formula S2 fluorinated varnish weldable

  • Flame retardant:

We work with those fabric materials known for their flame-retardant feature. So, even if there is a fire nearby, the fabric can withstand the flame for a long time, giving you the chance to save yourself and your belongings. 

                  590 gsm -         Euroclass   - B-s2,do/EN 13501-1

                  650 gsm -         Euroclass   - B-s2,do/EN 13501-1

                  750 gsm -         Euroclass   - B-s2,do/EN 13501-1

                  950 gsm -         Euroclass   - B-s2,do/EN 13501-1


  • Light transmission:

Right from ultimate UV protection to great privacy, our tensile fabric materials will cover it all for you. It forms another significant part while dealing with the basic parameters of tensile fabric that we use at CND Engineering, one of the leading manufacturers of tensile fabric structure in Kolkata. The harsh UV rays won’t able to harm the condition of the fabric.


                 590 gsm -        19%

                 750 gsm -        13.5%

                 950 gsm -        8 %

These are some of the basic parameters of tensile fabric that our team from CND Engineering, the leading manufacturer of tensile fabric structure in Kolkata, uses. In order to learn more about the PVC-coated and other versions of tensile fabrics we have in store, we request you to give us a call. Contact us online and we will get back to you ASAP.

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