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Modular Cottage


The benefits of modular construction in the field of hospitality business are not that hard to understand. With such a booming growth of Modular resort cottages with (G, G+1) these days; you might be looking for some ways in which you can handle the modular resort of your choice. There are so many companies, claiming to offer you modular resort cottages. However, if you are looking for one with C and G+ 1 variation, then our team from CND Engineering might be there to help.

Thanks to our years of working experience, we are able to provide you with the best help you can ask for with the modular resort cottages. We, the manufacturer of modular resort cottage in Kolkata, have worked with multiple hospitality brands beforehand and have good experience under our belt. So, working on your new project won’t be that tough for us to crack!

Enjoying the finest approach under speedy construction:

There are different contexts, in which the swift construction of a resort business deems necessary. With amazing tricks and tips up your sleeves, your resort can be a great tourist attraction spot in no time. But for that, you want the resort to stay erect within a short span of time.

  • Thanks to our offsite construction plan, we are able to create not just one but multiple options under Modular resort cottage with (G, G+1) for you.

  • It helps you to create a successful build schedule and event for all, who are involved in these tactics.

  • So, if you have a short event coming right up and need to get a resort handy for the guests to stay, give us a call right away and we will immediately start working on your modular resort cottages.

Get along with the environmental benefits now:

Well, it is not hard to state that a conventional building site can often prove to be a source of unwanted pollution. It is because the building made with concrete is resource intensive in nature and can easily damage the current ecosystem widely.

  • Thanks to our modular construction technique, all the available construction will be done offsite and within a controlled factory environment.

  • We will be following all the noted eco-friendly best practices to construct our Modular resort cottage with (G, G+1) and that is one main point.

  • All the modules will be shipped from our side to your current location and then placed within the shell of the building.

  • It is considered to be one effective construction option, in case you are in the mood to craft an eco-friendly style resort with G and G+1 options.

  • We ensure that our resort building idea works hand in hand with the environment, right from the developing stage to the final finished options.

Being associated with this field for so long, we know what you are looking for. So, next time you are in the mood to get your hands on modular resort cottages, we are more than happy to guide you through the journey with ease.

The flexibility in terms of designing and re-designing procedures:

One major benefit revolving around modular resort cottages is that all the modifications and renovations, as and when needed, can be done pretty easily. 

  • There will be minimal fuss to get the tasks going and you will hardly come across any disruption from our side.

  • For example, if your resort is in current need of an extension, then we can get that constructed offsite in no time.

  • After that, we will snap all the pieces together in a timely manner and avoid months of loud commotion and construction, which will disrupt the peaceful ambience for your guests.

  • If that wasn’t enough, we will complete the modular design in the most inexpensive manner. For that, we will just replace the current pods and modules with new ideas, to give your resort a completely new look.

We have been associated with modular resort cottages for a long time. So, we know the value of flexibility in terms of getting the job done on time. We value your time and the peaceful ambience for the guests. Join us now for an experience you won’t regret!

A safety notion straight away from the elements:

  • It is a hardcore truth that inclement weather can easily hamper the growth of constructional work. Maybe it is snowing a lot, which prevents people to work outdoors, or maybe the rain is delaying the delivery of the construction materials on time. Even intense heat can make it really difficult to work outside for a longer span of time.

  • Well, the factory involved manufacturing, associated with Modular resort cottage with (G, G+1), ensures that the natural elements won’t cause you any trouble to complete your modular work. These elements will now have less say on the completion of your project as you will get the task going within a safety-covered area and not outside. Your project will remain protected from start to finish!

Quieter form of building site:

The building process in terms of modular resort cottages calls for putting all the pre-fabricated pieces together. There are snap and close modules available, which make it easier to get the pieces together at the final destination.

  • The onsite assembly process is associated with the Modular resort cottage with (G, G+1), which is further proven to be quieter and quicker.

  • Even with fewer labors, we get to complete the project on time. 

  • It means that your guests will enjoy undisturbed sleep while the process gets ongoing in the back!

  • There is also a lack of noise pollution as all the parts are already pre-fabricated. So, there won’t be any cutting and gluing taking place on-site.

Give us a call now!

From the points mentioned above, you clearly know the importance of modular construction. So, next time you are looking to get your hands on the world of modular resort cottages, we, the leading  manufacturer of modular resort cottage in Kolkata,   might assist you in the best way possible!

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