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Modular Building


Modular homes are in trend right now. These homes are prefabricated than a built-on-site home. It is also quite permanent than a mobile home, which is why more people are into Modular House with (G, G+1, G+2) these days. But, you are subject to spend a lot of money on these homes. So, you have to be very careful before you invest in any home of your choice. Well, once you have chosen some expert engineers from CND Engineering, one of the leading manufacturers of modular house in Kolkata, there is no need to look for a secondary help anymore.

We will bombard you with some of the best prefabricated designs if you want expert opinions. On the other hand, we will also work on some of the best modular homes with designs from your side. We are flexible, well-trained and ensure to complete the task in hand, on time. So, there is no need for you to waste a lot of your precious time when you have us by your side.

Good investments these days:

Many people have this question in mind. Is investing in Modular House with (G, G+1, G+2) a good choice or not? Well, the answer is affirmative.

  • Modular home values are subject to increase with every passing time. So, that calls for a good investment.

  • Proponents will see these modular homes to be an excellent way to build up structures economically and with consistent quality.

  • As with all the other housing options so far, there are some tradeoffs involved while selecting a modular home of your choice, and we are there to help you in every step of the way.

  • It is true that these homes are not meant for everyone. However, for an increasing number of people who value the art of quick completion, economy and quality, modular homes are safe to bet in.

Understand what modular homes stand for:

Before you proceed further and invest in any one of our Modular House with (G, G+1, G+2), we would like to explain what modular homes actually stand for.

  • Well, let’s start the discussion by saying that modular homes are not a “stick built” home. Stick built ones is more traditional and calls for majority of new constructions seen these days. They call for all the workers and materials to travel to build site.

  • Then you have the modular homes, which should not be calculated as mobile homes. Mobile homes are constructed in the factory completely and then transported to the given locations on wheels.

  • Modular homes, on the other hand, will fill in a niche between the mobile and stick built homes. A few sections of the house will be constructed in a factory. Then they are presented to the build site, where local constructors are appointed to assemble and finish the task.

  • Modular homes from our side are assembled on a foundation. It can be anything from a traditional basement and more. The completed structure is largely indistinguishable from any stick-built home.

Get the best of both:

Our Modular House with (G, G+1, G+2) is going to take advantage of some of the promising features as seen in manufactured and site-built homes. As they are made at a factory, where all the materials and workers are available, modular homes are highly cost-effective in nature.

  • On the other hand, you can see our manufacturers taking advantage of economies by creating same buildings in the same place. It calls for bulk material usage and less transportation time.

  • Moreover, we can create modular homes rather quickly. Most of the building is done indoors, so the weather won’t be an issue.

  • Even the inspections will take quite less of a time as they will be done on site.

  • When the modules are all set to be brought to the main site, they can be combined rather quickly to create a complete structure.

  • Factory constructed homes have this false impression that being less expensive, they do not pay much attention to quality. However, modular homes will benefit from such assembly line procedures.

  • The modular homes are constructed under strict observations right from quality control to the final finish of the project. So, there is no room left for sloppy work.

For the building codes:

While most of the mobile homes tend to follow the national building code from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Modular House with (G, G+1, G+2) from our side will be held to the same local building codes much like the stick built homes. As one added bonus, these modular homes from our side are designed to be pretty energy efficient. So, that helps in reducing the environmental footprint and will shrink down on the energy bills.

The financial part of it all:

It is true that due to lack of education, it might get a bit difficult to get a loan for the modular homes when compared to the traditional ones. But, this rule is now changing. Now, getting the financial support for your modular homes won’t be as difficult as it was before.

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