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Tensile Canopy for swimming pool

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After giving it a fair bit of thought, you have decided to invest in a home with swimming pool in the backyard. Once you are done with a long hour of work, you have finally decided to take a dip in the pool and cool yourself off. But, what if the swimming pool is dirty because of the debris and dry leaves? You can’t take a swim if the water is unhygienic. To avoid such situations from taking place, a Tensile Canopy for Swimming pool is a great solution from our side at CND Engineering, a leading manufacturer of Tensile Fabric Structure in Kolkata.

Perfect for the poolside areas as well:

Well, not just covering the swimming pool, but our canopies is well-crafted to cover the poolside area as well. So, if it is sultry hot outside and you still want to enjoy some poolside time with your friends or families, our canopy for swimming pool will offer the right solution you have asked for. And the best part is that we won’t be charging you a great deal of money for the same. So, that’s another favorable reason to join hands with us.

Get excellent UV protection:

Our Tensile Canopy for Swimming pool is perfect and will offer the promising sun protection you need. Limited sun exposure is good for that tan, but too much can result in skin cancer.

  • Spending too much time under the sun can cause some severe sunburns and will result in skin issues, especially if you have sensitive skin.

  • Once you have installed the pool shades, there is no need to worry about prolonged sun exposure.

  • The pool shades will present promising protection from the harm UV rays.

We use 600 GSM PVDF coated UV protected fabric for Tensile Canopy of Swimming Pool.

Always keep the pool a lot cooler:

You didn’t notice and took a dive in the pool. Later you realized that the water is super warm and that might burn your body. With the sun shining over your pool directly, the water will get hot after a certain time.

  • Thanks to our Tensile Canopy for Swimming pool, the water will stay a lot cooler.

  • Not just the pool but even the surrounding areas will stay cooler. That will make the task a lot more enjoyable.

  • Improving the aesthetics to the next level:

  • It is true that installing the pool shades will make your property look pleasing aesthetically. The ones with pool shade structures will make the entire spot look complete and highly attractive, at the same time. Well, it can transform the entire aesthetics of the yard. On the other hand, canopy for swimming pool can also improve the overall resale value of your home.

So the conclusion from one of the leading manufacturer of tensile swimming pool manufacturer in Kolkata...............

So, if you have a swimming pool and looking for canopy for swimming pool, then join us right now. We, Tensile Fabric Canopy manufacturer in Kolkata, are more than happy to offer you with the best result as asked for. Thanks to our canopy for swimming pool, now you can enjoy privacy just the way you like it. Join us now and we have the best solution you can ask for.

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