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Polycarbonate Terrace Canopy 


Well, let’s just start off by saying that polycarbonate is a pretty resilient and strong thermoplastic material. Even though synthetic is the main material, the strength can any day work better than the glass counterpart.

Our engineers from CND Engineering, one of the leading manufacturers of Polycarbonate Canopy for terrace in Kolkata, have been working on Polycarbonate Canopy for Terrace and roofing for quite some time now. They use the PC panels because they are light in weight and have the power to withstand extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.

  • Mainly because of these top notch qualities, PC makes a perfect roofing material for multiple applications.

  • Even though PC roofing might not be a great option for the entire house, it is great for other structures like terrace, garages, decks and more.

  • PC is also used frequently for pool covers or as a roofing element on the industrial warehouses.

  • It is virtually unbreakable and known to be 250 times stronger than the float glass.

  • It is 30 times stronger than acrylic panels. So, PC panels are great for various outdoor uses and also to create the picture perfect terrace you have been looking for.

The next time you are planning to get your hands on the best PC panels for terrace, make sure to contact our engineers now. Being associated with this field for a long time, we have worked with multiple clients before. So, dealing with your polycarbonate terrace is not that bit of a difficult task for us! We ensure that you are super happy with the results from our side.

Our types to follow:


Before you choose us for our Polycarbonate Canopy for Terrace, we would like you to know more about the types of PC roofing we have in store for you. There are wide varieties of PC panels awaiting from our side now. Our primary selection will have:

  • White polycarbonate

  • Clear polycarbonate sheets

  • Colored polycarbonate, and the list goes on

All of our items are durable to say the least, with higher impact resistance. Moreover, you can get the perfect weather resistance from our sides. Our sheets are known to have the much needed UV protection for slowing and helping out in preventing damages from direct sunlight, while being used for outdoor purposes like terrace, decks, gardens and more.

The beneficial aspects to follow:

Our Polycarbonate Canopy for Terrace is known to withstand some of the extreme weather conditions and large forces. They are nearly unbreakable, which is a plus point. There are some bullet resistant varieties of the PC panels, which are used in some things like police shields. So, even if you are residing in a place with multiple hail storms, these PC panels for terrace will offer the complete protection for the longest span of time.

Just a click away!

We, polycarbonate canopy manufacturer for Terrace in Kolkata ,would request you to give us a call or visit our official website to learn more about the types of polycarbonate terraces we have in store. Go through all the possible options before making a move. You will love the results involved!

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