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Polycarbonate Entrance Canopy 


Cost-effective, durable and energy efficiency – these three are the main characteristics that our Polycarbonate Entrance Canopy comes with. That’s why the polycarbonate entrance canopy is becoming strictly popular among the masses these days. These polycarbonate entrance canopies are becoming popular because of their high performing properties and the contemporary look.

  • On the other hand, these entrances are used as structure of external walls and even in some skylights and roofs as well.

  • The polycarbonate panels are perfect for enhancing the daylight amount within the interior spaces. That’s great for physiological and psychological well being.

Why choose our polycarbonate entrance?

CND Engineering is one of the leading manufacturers of Polycarbonate Entrance Canopy in Kolkata.

Searching the vast world of internet will let you come across so many polycarbonate entrance panels these days. There are some solid reasons to choose us for Polycarbonate Entrance Canopy over others and we are here to talk about the same.

The benefits of polycarbonate panels from our side are not just restricted to their aesthetics values but more than that. Some architects choose them for their looks, but the project managers and engineers will always consider the end number of benefits revolving around their uses. So, our engineers are here to talk about the same.

  • High end durability to start the discussion with:

Well, it is true that our polycarbonate entrance is 250 times stronger than glass. So, they are considered to be virtually indestructible. Mainly because of the impact resistance, polycarbonate is always considered to be a favorable choice for covering extreme weather, vandalism and even flying debris.


  • Lighter transmission as you have asked for:

It is also a known fact that our polycarbonate entrance canopies are known to offer lighter transmission properties, which are well comparable to glass features. So, that gives polycarbonate an edge over the glass because it functions in the same way visually but considered to be more durable and lighter at the same time.

  • Easy to shape and cut as well:

It is true that our Polycarbonate Entrance Canopy is sold in solid or in multiwall sheets. These sheets are currently available in standard sizes and thicknesses from 4mm to 32mm. This material is subject to be quite easy to cut by using some common tools. Moreover, these tools can be bent or shaped at room temperature by following some of the instructions from the manufacturer’s sides.

  • Now for the thermal insulation:

Both our multiwall and solid polycarbonate entrances will offer some sort of thermal insulation properties. Multiwall, among the lot, is considered to be offering a higher degree of the thermal insulation because of the chosen interior structure. The structures, over here, will include 2 walls, 3 walls and X structure, 4 walls and honeycomb constructions. Each type is known to have its own insulation property and R values for matching various applications.

Call us right now .........

No matter whatever kind of polycarbonate entrance canopy you are looking for, make sure to get that from our side at CND Engineering, polycarbonate entrance canopy manufacturer in Kolkata. Once you have chosen us for the help, there is no need to look for a secondary helping hand at all.

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