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Modular Office


Modular construction is mainly targeted to be a building method, which is gaining high-end popularity these days. All the innovative facility managers and building owners are now currently in the lookout for faster and better ways to create reliable and durable office buildings they need. Due to ongoing labor shortage, traditional construction is both time-consuming and expensive process.

In case you are trying to build an office, it is always helpful to get to our Modular Office with (G, G+1, G+2) from CND Engineering, leading manufacturer of modular office in Kolkata. Our modular office system is now in vogue and for good reasons. Here, we would like to talk about some of the points, which clearly prove why our modular office is gaining high end popularity among the masses these days.

Our modular offices are quick to ship and install:

On an average scale, our modular offices are 75% faster to ship and install when compared to traditional constructions. That helps to provide some major values to your facility on a shorter time span.

  • As our Modular Office with (G, G+1, G+2) is constructed using standard principles, it can be delivered to your office location rather quickly than the traditional mechanism.

  • On the other hand, once our modular offices arrive at the facility for the final installation, you just need few people to cover the task. With us, we will cover the installation process on your behalf as well so that you can just sit back and relax!

  • Our industry leaders are the ones behind constructing modular offices. These offices come with pre-engineered electrical panels, through-wall AC and Heat combination units, and pre-charged modular central HVAC.

  • As all these systems remain pre-fitted within your modular office, there is no need for you to schedule some trade experts for time-consuming and expensive full-system works.

  • You can call the electricians to your site only to bring power to the panel boxes of our modular office.

  • It helps in reducing the reliance on some of the busy trade schedules. It ensures that you get to bring your modular office online in the quickest manner possible.

Long-term flexibility to enjoy:

Another interesting fact associated with our Modular Office with (G, G+1, G+2) is the long-term flexibility that comes with it. With your company always growing and expanding, you might need an extra space for adding few administrative employees. Getting hold of a new commercial space is a serious headache you want to avoid. To be on the safer side and to save a lot of your time and money, our modular office seems to be the perfect choice to follow.

  • Our modular offices will help in offering future-proof of your facility. You will get the ultimate flexibility you need to grow, expand or relocate the modular office confidently.

  • There is no need to worry about the expensive and extensive remodels anymore once our modular office is in place.

  • Our modular components of the offices will snap together without much trouble.

  • On the other hand, their stand sizes will help ensure there is always an additional or replacement option, to fit into existing modular offices in a seamless manner.

  • So, whether you are trying to relocate the modular office into a new location, or trying to reconfigure your space, we are happy to help.

  • We, one of the leading manufacturers of modular office in Kolkata, will further help your current office to expand in terms of space with our modular office. It helps in protecting your investments as you have every right and flexibility to make changes when needed.

Hardly any disruptions to your daily work:

If you are working in the middle of an office construction, you know the pain you have to bear throughout the process. There will be tarps everywhere, leading to uncomfortable working environment. Then you have to bear the dust from construction and drywalls, which will permeate the whole facility. Avoid all of that with our Modular Office with (G, G+1, G+2) right now! Our modular offices will help in eliminating any form of disruptions to your regular workflow in various ways possible.

  • The installation process of our modular office will need few people and it should be done in hours.

  • As every component arrives in the location right at the same time, installation becomes an easier and faster process.

  • Each component can get snapped in its right place, as mentioned earlier. So, no need to measure, cut, sand, prime or paint any part of the construction separately.

  • It helps in reducing the size of the installation crew big time. With minimal labor and no mess from our side, your modular office will be up and running within few hours!

  • All the components of our modular offices are manufactured off site. So, in place of framing and crafting the building, all the components are built in our factory as per your specifications.

  • When all the components are completely done and dusted, we will ship the parts entirely to your jobsite directly.

Construction remains of high quality all the time:

People have this general misconception that modular constructional components are of lower quality than the traditional ones. Well, the truth is far from it! The modular components of our Modular Office with (G, G+1, G+2) will deliver the same and even better quality when compared to the traditional constructions.

  • We, the manufacturer of modular office in Kolkata, will manufacture the components of our modular office in a specialized and controlled manufacturing environment.

  • So, the professionals are able to monitor each component precisely and ensure that every piece gets engineered to match exact specifications.

  • Unlike some of the traditional construction, where lumber along with other materials sit out on the jobsite in any weather condition, our elements of the modular office are stored and constructed within enclosed and sheltered environment.

So the conclusion from one of the leading manufacturer of modular office manufacturer in Kolkata...............

All these points ensure the highest quality possible for the modular offices from our side. Once invested, you will get the best solutions from our side. To learn more, make sure to visit our official website now!

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