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Tensile Canopy for Car Parking

Our team from CND Engineering, a Tensile Canopy for Car Parking manufacturer in Kolkata, is more than happy to offer you with the best quality Tensile Canopy for Car Parking as and when needed. It is true that you have invested a lot on the car and don’t want any manmade or natural disaster to ruin its beauty. So, keeping your cars safely inside a garage is the first point to consider. However, if you don’t have a garage, it is always better to give us a call for the car parking canopy. It is better to keep your cars protected under the canopy instead of keeping them open!

Our tensile structure to follow:

Our tensile structure mainly calls for the roofing constructions by using a membrane further supported by steel frames or cables. The primary characteristics of our Tensile Canopy for Car Parking are as follows:

  • Prefabricated simplicity

  • Higher tensile strength

  • Capability to span around vast distances

  • Elasticity

Our Basic Structural specification for Car Parking Shed:

Our Basic Structural specification for Car Parking Shed:

  • Projected length of the rafter – 5.5 meter

  • Clear height – 2.5 meter

  • Distance between two columns at back – 3.0 meter

RCC foundation is required for each Steel columns. Either foundation bolts or branded fasteners like Hilti, Fischer or equivalent are required to install the MS plates.

Minimum 600 GSM PVDF coated fabric is required to install the canopy.


Our structural method needs less material because of the thin canvases used. When we stretch the canvases using steel cables, it helps in withstanding stresses exerted on the product. Our structures are employed as coverings for arenas, sports facilities, and industrial structures and also for car parking features.

The benefits as follows:

There are different benefits revolving the use of our Tensile Canopy for Car Parking, which is why they are gaining so wide popularity among the masses. So, without wasting much time, it is vital that you learn about the benefits first.

  • Larger coverings for your vehicles:


The major benefit of our car parking canopy is the larger area coverings you receive from the products. Not just for a car, but if you have two or three cars under your name, we have larger coverings for them as well.

It is true that building a car parking area is too costly. To cut down on the costs, our car parking canopy seems to be the best choice you can possibly opt for.

  • Environmental shelter as and when asked for:

You don’t have any control over the weather and natural calamities. But, you can’t ignore the importance of car parking canopy at the same time. If your car is not placed inside a garage, chances are high that you will find dents and scratches all over it. To avoid that on the first place, it is important to produce a shelter and that’s exactly what our car parking canopy is used for! Your vehicle will remain protected throughout.

  • Quicker installations for you:

Building any parking area will take some time, but that’s not the case with our car parking canopy. If you want a shelter for your vehicle immediately, our car parking canopy is the one for you. It will take little bit of time from your side.

So the conclusion from one of the leading manufacturer of tensile car parking manufacturer in Kolkata...............

From the points mentioned above, you can very well understand the value of car parking canopy with ease. If you need one for your use, give us a call right away! We are always there for you.

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